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Setup QMCLOUD in a customer environment
  • Pre-requisites for QMCLOUD software
    • A Linux virtual machine. Preferably Ubuntu 20.x based VM with Docker
    • A minimum of 2 vcpu’s and 8GB of memory
    • A minimum of 50GB disk space
    • Optional - Load balancer with https-based listener, and SSL certificate
    • Pulumi account and token
Pre-requisites for each of the cloud platform that QMCLOUD supports:
  • AWS
    • AWS Account(s)
    • IAM user and a minimum of programmatic access with appropriate permissions
    • Access and secret key(s)
  • Azure
    • Azure Account and Subscription
    • Service principal details including App (Client) ID, Object ID, Tenant ID, Client Secret
The installation and setup of QMCLOUD containers is beyond the scope of this page. Please contact support at [email protected] for a detailed installation guide.