Securing applications in AWS using Palo Alto firewall

Deploy VM-Series firewall in AWS using QMCLOUD blueprint

Continuing the theme of simplifying cloud deployments using No Code technologies, we have created a QMCLOUD blueprint that deploys an end-to-end AWS environment of spoke and inspection VPC's with various components including "Gateway Load Balancer" for high availability of the VM-Series firewall appliances. Even though Palo Alto makes it easy for initial configuration of the appliances using Panorama and Zero touch capabilities, the initial deployment of the AWS resources and the appliance is complex and requires considerable effort (either to develop code or to do it manually). Other options include the Terraform modules for the firewall appliance, but it lacks visualization capabilities and requires considerable effort to understand and customize. The blueprint shown below allows you to visualize using the canvas, modify and deploy the end-to-end configuration as described in the article referenced below in less than 15 minutes. In addition, QMCLOUD auto generates the required code.

You can also customize the template and update the configuration as per your requirements using the canvas using QMCLOUD. Contact us at if you are looking to deploy third party firewall appliances in AWS or Azure.

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