Welcome to the QMCLOUD documentation. This page provides a brief overview of QMCLOUD.

QMCLOUD is an AI and No Code technologies-based platform for composing, visualizing, and deploying cloud infrastructure resources.

QMCLOUD supports deploying many cloud infrastructure components including Virtual Network (VNET or VPC), Virtual Machines (VM's) and modern resources such as Containers and Serverless components. QMCLOUD currently supports AWS, Azure, vSphere, and K8 cloud platforms.

A desired state in QMCLOUD can be defined using various methods including the following:

a) Canvas and Drag/Drop - The desired infrastructure can be drawn on a canvas using drag and drop method

b) Smart wizard - The smart deployment wizard guides a user through specific deployment scenarios for various infrastructure resources.

c) AI Copilot - The AI Copilot is an assistant where you can enter a description of the desired cloud infrastructure you want to deploy. The AI Copilot assistant will then automatically create the configuration and render the visualization on the canvas.

QMCLOUD automatically generates all the required code and uses cloud providers/plug-ins to deploy appropriate cloud infrastructure resources.

In summary, with QMCLOUD one can, compose, edit, and deploy secure and best practices-based cloud infrastructure resources with minimal programming experience.

QMCLOUD is available in a SaaS version, as an AWS Marketplace appliance or in a self-hosted environment.

Announcing the launch of SaaS version and an AI Copilot for QMCLOUD. You can learn more at https://qmcloud.io or read this documentation. You can also get started at https://app.qmcloud.io/

QMCLOUD is a patent pending technology

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