Welcome to the QCLOUD documentation. This page covers what QMCLOUD is, and links to overview, architecture, user interface, installation and getting started.
QMCLOUD is a “No/Low Code” platform for composing, deploying, and managing cloud infrastructure resources. QMCLOUD supports infrastructure including Virtual Network, Virtual Machines (VM) and modern resources such as Containers and Serverless. QMCLOUD supports AWS and Azure cloud platforms and plans to support additional cloud service providers soon.
A desired state in QMCLOUD can be defined using either a canvas or a deployment wizard. The desired infrastructure can be defined on a drawing canvas using shapes (or referred to as Objects or components), connectors, and properties. The deployment wizard guides a user through specific deployment scenarios for various infrastructure resources.
QMCLOUD generates all the required code automatically and uses providers to deploy appropriate cloud infrastructure resources.
In summary, with QMCLOUD one can, compose, edit, and deploy secure and best practices-based cloud infrastructure resources with minimal programming experience.
QMCLOUD is a patent pending technology
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