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Add AWS Vpc

In this tutorial, we will compose a AWS VPC and two Subnets.
On the Canvas page, enter VPC in the component search box and select the component Vpc as shown below:
Diagram – Stack, Component list, Select Vpc
Using the mouse controls, drag the Vpc component on to the canvas
Using the mouse controls, Select the Vpc shape on the Canvas
The VPC properties dialog box opens on the right side of the Canvas
Enter the following minimum following properties as shown below:
Diagram - Enter Vpc properties
In this example,
Enter CidrBlock as
and Name as aws-vpc-1
Enter "Submit" to save the settings
Important Note – Shapes (objects) may have many properties and not all properties are required. It is assumed that the user is aware of the minimum properties that are required for each of the components. For additional information on properties for each of the components, you can refer to Pulumi documentation for AWS at https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws/api-docs/. Each of the AWS components have a detailed description and examples listed in this document.