AI Copilot pre-defined prompts

This section provides a pre-defined list of prompts that a user can readily use.

The following is a list of pre-defined description templates that a user can enter in the AI Copilot assistant description window.

Please note that it is important for the user to review the description and make necessary changes to reflect the desired infrastructure based on specific requirements.

QMCLOUD will soon include a list of common pre-defined templates in the assistant area on the canvas.

  1. AWS basic VPC infrastructure

create the following components including aws vpc named vpcaws1 with cidr, one public subnet with /20, an igw, a "route table association", a "route table" for this vpc and a "route" with default route of with target gateway as the igw in the route.

  1. AWS basic EKS infrastructure

create an aws eks deployment with one vpc, 2 subnets, one route table, one route table association, one route, one igw, one eks cluster, one iam role, with one vpc-cni add on, and one node group with two nodes

Coming Soon - More pre-defined description templates for Azure, and K8.

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