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Deploy the Infrastructure

Once the canvas state is saved, the following action buttons are selected in sequence to deploy the desired infrastructure:
Diagram - Deployment action buttons
Save - The save action button saves the canvas state including components, properties, and connectors
Validate – The validate action button validates the desired infrastructure (Properties and Syntax)
Plan – Confirm the desired infrastructure can be deployed (Checks dependencies and connections to the cloud provider)
Apply – Deploy the desired infrastructure
Each of the actions when competed displays a log message. The log message will indicate a success, or an error and details can be checked by selecting the appropriate log message.
Example of the log messages on the canvas:
Diagram – Logs
The following diagram depicts the completion of all the actions required for deploying the VPC and the subnets. It shows the logs section that displays the successful actions.
Diagram – Canvas, deployment sate and status
This completes the getting started section.