Add Components

Navigate to the components section in the menu items

The updated version of QMCLOUD is pre-installed with all the required components and there is no need to manually add the components.

If the components are not pre-installed or were not added

Select “Add” to add new components. The following dialog box is display.

Diagram – Add components

  1. Select the platform. For example, AWS

  2. Select the category of components to be added. For example, ec2

  3. Select the required components that will be used. For example – Select All

  4. Select the optional appmodz category that will be used to store and display the components.

  5. If there are no categories listed, choose the option of Create New. For example, type in AWS Networking

  6. Select Add Components

  7. A loader is displayed to indicate work in progress. Do not refresh or navigate away from this screen. The time it takes to add the components varies depending on the number of components that are added. Typically, it takes a few minutes when you select to add all the components for a particular category.

Once the components are added, close the Add Components dialog box

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