Add Stack

1. Navigate to the deployment section in the menu items and select Stack
2. Select “Add” to add a new Stack and choose the type of Stack
There are three different types of stacks that can be created. A canvas-based stack, a deployment wizard-based stack and a definition file based stack.
3. Enter the following details for a Canvas based stack:
  • Stack name
  • Select the appropriate workspace
  • Select an appropriate user
  • Select the platform as AWS in this case
  • Select a predefined template if required
  • Select a stack group if required
  • Select an appropriate stack profile associated with the platform
  • Enter details of a GitHub repository where you want the automatically generated code to be pushed to. This functionality requires:
    • A user configures the appropriate username and the corresponding access token for the repository access under user properties
    • The repository is created before hand
    • The format of the repository is a URL - For example, https://github.com/<NAME>/<REPO>
  • Check the box "Enable AutoConnect" if you want the component connections in the stack to be saved for reuse
  • Click on Save Satck