Additional components configuration

The following additional components were used as part of this sample deployment

  1. Compute components include EC2 instance, security group, and security group rule. the EC2 instance is an Ubuntu server with a basic NGINX server

  2. Network load balancer, listener and target group. The target group has the EC2 instance registered to serve the web requests

  3. Internet Gateway and its associated routing components

The configuration of each of these components is beyond the scope of this document.

The deployment of the sample configuration is done via a single QMCLOUD stack and all the resources can be referenced in additional stack if required to extend the infrastructure.

QMCLOUD generates the infrastructure code automatically and can be stored in a GitHub repository if required. QMCLOUD can be integrated using REST API's with various CI/CD tools for orchestration.

The following diagram depicts the overall stack on the canvas, the configuration details (outputs from each of the components) and the code that is generated by QMCLOUD:

This completes the walk through for this sample deployment.

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