QMCLOUD - Add a stack

  1. Login to QMCLOUD

  2. Navigate to the Stack Profile menu item and add a new profile for Azure if a profile doesn't already exist. You will need the following information for the profile - ClientID, ClientSecret, TenantID, SubscriptionID.

  3. Navigate to the Workspaces menu item and add a new workspace if one doesn't exist already

  4. Navigate to the Stacks menu item and add a new Stack. You will need to define an appropriate name for the stack, select the appropriate workspace and stack group, Select Azure as the platform and select the appropriate stack profile that was created earlier.

  5. Once the stack is created, select the action "Go to Canvas" to open the canvas for compose the infrastructure

  6. On the canvas, add the following components from the list of components. The components are depicted on the canvas as shown below:

ResourceGroup, AppServicePlan, WebApp

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